Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Huge Blue Book Review

Huge Blue
By Patrick Pilarski
Leaf Press
ISBN 978-1-926655-02-4

Vivid Tour Guide

Huge Blue by Patrick Pilarski is a collection of Japanese form poetry which revolved in the beauty and breath taking sights found in Canada. Every written poem is entwined with colors that you could almost see it right through the pages. The smell and feel of his words will make you jump right through his books. Even the cold wind seems visible, touching your skin as you turn the pages for more beautiful and profound pomes.

Huge Blue as I must say is one of the best Japanese form poetry book I get my hands on. Mr. Pilarski’s words will take you high up in the Canadian skies. His book will almost make you feel as if you are already standing on the cold land of Canada. Your eyes will see things in different ways as you read his poems.

Huge Blue is so vivid you’d forget you are just sitting right in your home.

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