Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New & Selected Poems 1975 – 2005 Robert Ronnow (Book Review)

New & Selected Poems 1975 – 2005
Robert Ronnow
By Barnwood Press
ISBN 978-0-935306-52-1

Engaging and Witty

New & Selected Poems 1975-2005 Robert Ronnow is actually a collection of poems which Mr. Ronnow have written and published from year 1975-2005. Some of the poems here were from his previous books and literary journals.

Mr. Ronnow’s poetry is so alive and moving that you could almost feel, see, hear and even taste the different faces of life. His words will touch the deepest part of your soul and will stay there even after you are through reading his book. Mr. Ronnow presents each of his poems with great skills and poignancy.

Some of my favorite poems are Mirrors, Rain, Let Us Accept this Pain, Life is not a Curse, To Fail Well, The Recent and Long Dead, Until the Fight is Done and Belonging to the Loved Ones. What even makes Mr. Ronnow’s poems amazing is that you can actually feel his emotions through it. Every word, every stanza is like a flowing river in spring time.

New & Selected Poems 1975-2005 Robert Ronnow is one of the best collection of poetry books I’ve read this year. If you are looking for some fresh but soul touching work then you’d better take this book with you. It will take you higher until you could no longer feel your feet on the ground.

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