Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring Haiku

tractor in the field
robin and her nestlings
sing with the noise

mama collects milk
from the mooing cow
on spring morn

with the robins singing
under a tree
I wrote my haiku

such joy
cherry blossom blooms
outside our classroom

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Season For Everything


wet bedsheet
from summer heat
or sudden pain?

throbbing pain
I change my turtleneck shirt
lump on my neck

sudden high fever
in mid summer noon
mom panics

early to bed
early to rise
still forsaken tired

sleepless nights
start to talk with me
in bed


after my appointment
outside the clinic
a maple leaf pats me

diagnosed at last
on my way home
withered leaves lead me

a crow flies above
the almost bare tree

full moon, night's deep
still wide awake from
the doctor's news

starched white sheet
covers now my sickbed
night falls early


freezing white petals
start to pour in
glad my sickbed's warm

poems in my mind
while the snow falls
my meds kicking in

one winter night
on my sickbed I opened
my black album

on my sickbed
sound of rattling bottles of pills
and murmured prayers

the doctor comes in
new meds, strong ones
a snowstorm starts


frankly I've been told
'no more cure, dear'
I sigh

in spring time
everything comes alive
except for me

smell of carnation
am I now laying on my

a sparrow sings
a song so sad
it's more like a lament

doctors gave up
my files now buried
in their memories

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to School

Today i asked my eight year old daughter to come with me in my old school. i'm planning to go back to school on June and would like to take up Practical Nursing. well if things will work out just the way i plan, maybe i'll be on my way to studying again. wish me luck!