Saturday, May 1, 2010

Footprints in the Bajra (book review)

Footprints in the Bajra
By Nabina Das
Cedars Books An Imprint of Pustak Mahal
ISBN 978-81-223-1099-3

Out of the Ordinary

Footprints in the Bajra by Nabina Das is a novel that revolved in the dark corners that still haunt India even after all these modern and up to date inventions of men. It is a compelling story of struggle and change. What even makes her novel more interesting is the way the author described every places, histories and even beliefs of the Indian people. Her details are all so vivid you can actually see, feel and even taste her words.

Footprints in the Bajra will take you away to a place where histories and beliefs are well observed. The people in her story are also so colorful that you can actually hear their heartbeat in every page.

Nabina Das has definitely written from her heart and soul. Her love from her country, the beautiful and exotic India, showed from her novel. Reading her novel will make you crave for more as she takes your hand to the curry loving country. A kind of book you will love to have in your bed side table forever.

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