Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shadow From the Past (Book Review)

Shadow From The Past
Book Three in Legends of the Four Races
By E.A. Rappaport
Owl King Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 978- 0- 9789393-4-2

Shadow From the Past by E.A. Rappaport is a story about an Arboreal wizard named Jarlen who lives, fights and survives in his magical world. While returning from his first adventure, he finds his master’s place already devoured by a green fire. While the rest of the magical creatures blame the Ferfolk, Jarlen continue his journey in search for his master’s murderer. Then he soon meets a young Ferfolk who is also in search for answers as a similar incident also happened near his home.

Will this accidental meeting be the start of a new friendship between the two worlds or the start of a bloody war of revenge?

Shadow from the Past is a kind of story that will leave you begging for more. Its magical and vivid images are so real that you could almost hear the soft shuffling of the leaves and even the way the trees stretched their roots. E.A. Rappaport writes with his imagination as if he is in a dream state. This book is like the movie Lord of the Rings and Alice in Wonderland rolled into one!

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The Pagan (Book Review)

The Pagan
By Rod Nave
Hayden Bridge Publishing Edition
ISBN: 978-0-xxx-017770-y

You Will Never Turn Off The Lights Again…

When I first received this book, I know deep within me that I’m up to something I will never forget…

The Pagan by Rod Nave is a story about an ancient demon chained for hundred years and was finally set free when seven teenagers went to Haiti as a rescue team of earthquake victims. Because of curiosity and fate combined together, the demon of ancient time was released and ready to take their lives in its hand, one by one.

Every page, every chapter will surely takes your breath away as the demon takes its step in conquering the world…almost.

Rod Nave wrote the story with careful details and vivid images you could almost feel the demon breathing against your skin. Each chapter will send chill to your spine that will make you turn its page after page after page until you can almost hear your own heart beat racing against you. The way he describes every scene will leave you breathless. You will never find any words or even chapters that will make you sigh with boredom. The book itself was a true page turner.

The Pagan by Rod Nave is a kind of book horror fans will surely put up on their first shopping checklist. Hand it over to horror fanatics and they will surely love it! Move over Chucky doll! Sleep tight, Linda Blair! Your worst nightmare has finally arrived…

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Friday, June 11, 2010

39 Poems by Charles J. Butler (Book Review)

39 Poems
By Charles J. Butler
No Shirt Press, Brooklyn, NY
ISBN 978-0-9772718-8-7

So vivid you can actually feel his words against your skin

39 Poems by Charles J. Butler is a collection of great poetry presented in a way you will never forget. Every word Mr. Butler used on his pomes are carefully sought and described in vivid colors. The feelings, thoughts and voice of the author are all visible and real in this book. You’d be amaze just how simple his words are but each of it represents the most vivid and colorful images I’ve ever read and see.

Some of my favorite pieces from 30 poems are Crimson Stroll, One Autumn, Conversation and most of all Gospel. These poems I selected (for me) are the best ones. It describes the deepest emotions of the author. Every word is so real that you actually feel his heartbeat, read his thoughts and even feel his breath against your skin. Reading poems should be always like that. It should be something that will leave you begging for more.

39 Poems by Charles J. Butler is a kind of poetry collection that only offers true emotions, no hint of hypocrisy at all. He words and thoughts when combined can actually create a true masterpiece. 39 Poems is the kind of poetry collection you will surely love to give to your closest friend and loved ones. It is the kind of book that will surely stays under your pillow every night – hoping to get inside it even if it has to be only in your dreams.

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