Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everything's in Black and White (Dementia Poem)

It was raining very hard
when I came home from school
the front door was opened
and every light in the house was turned on
it is blinding
I wonder if the lightning decided to live with us
on the floor were dozens of M&M candies
scattered everywhere, on the sofa,
on the coffe table, on the black piano
and even on kitty's litter box
mother, where are you? I called out
she was in the kitchen
the sound of her sobs told me
so I walked upstairs
my brother's crayon's are all broken
into halves
and then I saw father in their bedroom
olive green crayon on his trembling hand
on their bedroom wall
he's doing his masterpiece
that only he can see and understand
father, I softly asked, is everything all right?
he looked up on me
why everything's in black and white? he cried

it is because the lightning
stroke the rainbow
shattered the rainbow
hammered the rainbow
into million bits of pieces