Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letter From A Dying Woman

the time has come
for me to pack my bags
to turn off the hallway lights
to lock the doors
for I’m going away
with a one way ticket
to a place where everybody will go
but no one is supposed to come back
to tell others what it looks like
to tell who lives there.

the time has come
and there’s no turning back
no more pleadings, no more prayers
could turn it back
the angel with ebony wings
has landed his feet for me
no, you can’t hold me back
even if you tug with all your might
I’m no longer yours
I now belong to somebody
a spirit belongs to a spirit.

the time has come
a wind will blow out the candle
soon darkness will embrace me
will swallow me with delight
but there will be no more pain,
no more agony, I hope.
reaching that place
will be different, so different
and so are you
without me

the time has come
the night is here
tomorrow is far behind
the sun will still be here
but I will not be there for it
the birds will still sing
but I will no longer hear it
the rain will still pour
but I will no longer feel it
shed those tears now
save it in your heart
until we meet again.

For Sondra Ball who passed away in the first hours of Wednesday, March 17th 2010. She was a wonderful poet, haijin and very hard working editor of Autumn Leaves. Her spirit will forever live in our hearts.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Complementary Colors (Book Review)

Complementary Colors
By Kate Evans
Vanilla Heart Publishing
ISBN 978-1-935407-86-7
LCCN: 2009924117

Honest and Profound

Complementary Colors by Kate Evans is a story filled with love and honesty. The love between the two women is one of the amazing things in the world though many are still against it. The beauty the seeps through it are so fresh and tasteful that you could actually feel the characters’ breath against your skin.

It all started with that special smile from Jamie and since that first poetry night, Gwen had never been the same. Something inside her starts to stretch its arms and touches the deepest part of her womanhood. What even makes the book special is that Kate Evan herself is a poet. She sprinkled her story with beautiful poems. These poems made the book more profound.

Complementary Colors is a kind of book you will surely give your girlfriend. It is one of the most unforgettable books I’ve ever read. Complementary Colors is so fresh and its images are so vivid that you could actually feel the characters in your soul.

To know more about the author, please check out her website

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sewing a Friendship (Book Review)

Sewing a Friendship
By Natalie Tinti
ISBNs 978-0-9842625-1-9 (Extended Cover)
978-0-9842625-0-2 (Hard Cover with Dust Jacket)
978-1-4495193-6-0 (Soft Cover)

Fresh as a spring morning

Sewing a Friendship by Natalie Tinti is a wonderful story about friendship and how each person’s differences are not a hindrance to build a lasting one. It’s a warm story about five girls finding each other’s company in midst of needs. The elder in the story also played a wonderful role in helping and building the kids’ dreams into a reality. Sewing a Friendship is a story that will fit every girl’s sweet and imaginative minds. The simplicity of the plot is very easy to understand thus have great impact to the readers.

Natalie Tinti wrote her story from her heart and when my nine year old daughter finished reading the book, she said it was beautiful and worth reading. What makes the book stand out more was the way Natalie drew those colorful drawings and knick knacks. It makes her book more appreciative and enjoyable to read by kids at her age.
Sewing a Friendship is written and illustrated by a ten year old girl whose dream is to reach kids with a simple message that friendship can make the world a better place to live again. The story also foretold that helping each other is a very simple task as well giving support to each other. She carefully illustrated her characters that each one came out very unique and different from each other.

Sewing a Friendship is a kind of book you will love to give your kids and even to your grandchildren as it full of lessons and wonderful words. Natalie Tinti has a lot more great stuff in writing in stored for her in the future. Her work is very promising.

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