Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sewing a Friendship (Book Review)

Sewing a Friendship
By Natalie Tinti
ISBNs 978-0-9842625-1-9 (Extended Cover)
978-0-9842625-0-2 (Hard Cover with Dust Jacket)
978-1-4495193-6-0 (Soft Cover)

Fresh as a spring morning

Sewing a Friendship by Natalie Tinti is a wonderful story about friendship and how each person’s differences are not a hindrance to build a lasting one. It’s a warm story about five girls finding each other’s company in midst of needs. The elder in the story also played a wonderful role in helping and building the kids’ dreams into a reality. Sewing a Friendship is a story that will fit every girl’s sweet and imaginative minds. The simplicity of the plot is very easy to understand thus have great impact to the readers.

Natalie Tinti wrote her story from her heart and when my nine year old daughter finished reading the book, she said it was beautiful and worth reading. What makes the book stand out more was the way Natalie drew those colorful drawings and knick knacks. It makes her book more appreciative and enjoyable to read by kids at her age.
Sewing a Friendship is written and illustrated by a ten year old girl whose dream is to reach kids with a simple message that friendship can make the world a better place to live again. The story also foretold that helping each other is a very simple task as well giving support to each other. She carefully illustrated her characters that each one came out very unique and different from each other.

Sewing a Friendship is a kind of book you will love to give your kids and even to your grandchildren as it full of lessons and wonderful words. Natalie Tinti has a lot more great stuff in writing in stored for her in the future. Her work is very promising.

Visit the author's website at http://www.tintinatie.com/

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