Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mystery of Fate (Book Review)

The Mystery of Fate
Common Coincidence or Divine Intervention?
Real Stories – Real People
Complied and Edited By: Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka
R.J. Buckley Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9819654-2-0

Will touch the deepest part of your soul…

The Mystery of Fate compiled and edited by Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka is a beautiful and soul searching compilation of true stories from real people. It is a wonderful book filled with heart wrenching stories that would not only make you see the beauty of your life but also the wonders and grace of the Creator above. The stories in this unforgettable compilation will surely make you cry, laugh, sigh and realize that God really moves in mysterious ways.

Some of the most unforgettable stories I’ve read in this book are the following: Journey to Healing, A Book from the Sealed Library, Go Home, A Star is Watching, Mother’s Voice, The Fate of Aspirin and Fascination: Message from Above. These stories have touched my heart and soul since some of them actually happened in my life, one way or another.

The Mystery of Fate is not just an ordinary inspirational book. It is not the kind of book which you will keep hidden in your book shelf for years and years. It is actually the kind of book which you will keep under your pillow for a very long time. It is true inspirational book that would linger in your heart and soul even when you are done reading it.

To know
more about this inspirational book go to http://www.thefatesite.com/ or you can send an email to uslander.arlene@gmail.com

Friday, October 29, 2010

I Made Out with a Teenage Communist! (Book Review)

I Made Out with a Teenage Communist!
By Erin O’ Riordan
ISBN-10: 1453648488
ISBN-13: 978-1453648483

An Unforgettable Debut Novel

For these past few months I’ve been into YA books and find them impressive and even unforgettable. It was like I was back in my high school years again only with more magic, more emotions, more colors. I’ve felt young and free again as soon as I started reading Ms. O’ Riordan’s debut teen novel.

I Made Out with a Teenage Communist is a strong and clever novel that would surely make you cry, laugh and even sigh with wonder. The story itself is quite simple but the emotions and colors which the author sprinkled on each phrases were wonderful that you could almost hear and feel the character’s feelings.

I Made Out with a Teenage Communist will surely make you see the value of your every day life. It will help you see how simple things are the most important things of all. If you want to change your ordinary life into something more worth living for then you’d better get this book now. This novel will surely touch the deepest part of your soul.

To get more information about the book or about the author
contact Erin O’ Riordan at

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New & Selected Poems 1975 – 2005 Robert Ronnow (Book Review)

New & Selected Poems 1975 – 2005
Robert Ronnow
By Barnwood Press
ISBN 978-0-935306-52-1

Engaging and Witty

New & Selected Poems 1975-2005 Robert Ronnow is actually a collection of poems which Mr. Ronnow have written and published from year 1975-2005. Some of the poems here were from his previous books and literary journals.

Mr. Ronnow’s poetry is so alive and moving that you could almost feel, see, hear and even taste the different faces of life. His words will touch the deepest part of your soul and will stay there even after you are through reading his book. Mr. Ronnow presents each of his poems with great skills and poignancy.

Some of my favorite poems are Mirrors, Rain, Let Us Accept this Pain, Life is not a Curse, To Fail Well, The Recent and Long Dead, Until the Fight is Done and Belonging to the Loved Ones. What even makes Mr. Ronnow’s poems amazing is that you can actually feel his emotions through it. Every word, every stanza is like a flowing river in spring time.

New & Selected Poems 1975-2005 Robert Ronnow is one of the best collection of poetry books I’ve read this year. If you are looking for some fresh but soul touching work then you’d better take this book with you. It will take you higher until you could no longer feel your feet on the ground.

To know more about the author, please contact Mr. Robert Ronnow at ronnow@taconic.net

One Under the Sun (Book Review)

One Under the Sun
By Vincent Spada
Brambleby Books (UK)
ISBN 978-0-9553928-6-3

A True Page Turner!

I was actually surprised when Mr. Vincent Spada asked me if I could read and write a review about his latest collection of poetry, One Under the Sun. As soon as I started reading his latest collection, I know I’m up for something fresh and heartfelt work.

One Under the Sun by Vincent Spada is one of the most heartfelt and engaging collection of poetry book I’ve read. His feelings and emotions are actually carefully etched and engraved on his every word. His poems are like soft melody under the soft sound of the raindrops pouring on the rooftop. It’s like you can actually feel his happiness, his anger, his desire and even his loneliness through his poems.

Some of my favorite pieces are In a Dark, Dark Place, I Wish to See the Rainbow, Fading, The Last Great Something, Our Only Life, Sometimes and Jus Tremble for Me. I am actually a great fan of poems since I am also a published poet. I truly find Mr. Spada’s collection of poetry as one of the best book I’ve ever read this year.

One Under the Sun will surely make you smile, make you laugh and would even make you cry for its beauty are very deep and intense. If you want something that will forever be etched in your soul then I highly recommend Mr. Spada’s collection of poetry, One Under the Sun.

For more details you can contact Mr. Vincent Spada at

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shadow From the Past (Book Review)

Shadow From The Past
Book Three in Legends of the Four Races
By E.A. Rappaport
Owl King Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 978- 0- 9789393-4-2

Shadow From the Past by E.A. Rappaport is a story about an Arboreal wizard named Jarlen who lives, fights and survives in his magical world. While returning from his first adventure, he finds his master’s place already devoured by a green fire. While the rest of the magical creatures blame the Ferfolk, Jarlen continue his journey in search for his master’s murderer. Then he soon meets a young Ferfolk who is also in search for answers as a similar incident also happened near his home.

Will this accidental meeting be the start of a new friendship between the two worlds or the start of a bloody war of revenge?

Shadow from the Past is a kind of story that will leave you begging for more. Its magical and vivid images are so real that you could almost hear the soft shuffling of the leaves and even the way the trees stretched their roots. E.A. Rappaport writes with his imagination as if he is in a dream state. This book is like the movie Lord of the Rings and Alice in Wonderland rolled into one!

To contact the author,

The Pagan (Book Review)

The Pagan
By Rod Nave
Hayden Bridge Publishing Edition
ISBN: 978-0-xxx-017770-y

You Will Never Turn Off The Lights Again…

When I first received this book, I know deep within me that I’m up to something I will never forget…

The Pagan by Rod Nave is a story about an ancient demon chained for hundred years and was finally set free when seven teenagers went to Haiti as a rescue team of earthquake victims. Because of curiosity and fate combined together, the demon of ancient time was released and ready to take their lives in its hand, one by one.

Every page, every chapter will surely takes your breath away as the demon takes its step in conquering the world…almost.

Rod Nave wrote the story with careful details and vivid images you could almost feel the demon breathing against your skin. Each chapter will send chill to your spine that will make you turn its page after page after page until you can almost hear your own heart beat racing against you. The way he describes every scene will leave you breathless. You will never find any words or even chapters that will make you sigh with boredom. The book itself was a true page turner.

The Pagan by Rod Nave is a kind of book horror fans will surely put up on their first shopping checklist. Hand it over to horror fanatics and they will surely love it! Move over Chucky doll! Sleep tight, Linda Blair! Your worst nightmare has finally arrived…

To contact the author Rodney Nave

Friday, June 11, 2010

39 Poems by Charles J. Butler (Book Review)

39 Poems
By Charles J. Butler
No Shirt Press, Brooklyn, NY
ISBN 978-0-9772718-8-7

So vivid you can actually feel his words against your skin

39 Poems by Charles J. Butler is a collection of great poetry presented in a way you will never forget. Every word Mr. Butler used on his pomes are carefully sought and described in vivid colors. The feelings, thoughts and voice of the author are all visible and real in this book. You’d be amaze just how simple his words are but each of it represents the most vivid and colorful images I’ve ever read and see.

Some of my favorite pieces from 30 poems are Crimson Stroll, One Autumn, Conversation and most of all Gospel. These poems I selected (for me) are the best ones. It describes the deepest emotions of the author. Every word is so real that you actually feel his heartbeat, read his thoughts and even feel his breath against your skin. Reading poems should be always like that. It should be something that will leave you begging for more.

39 Poems by Charles J. Butler is a kind of poetry collection that only offers true emotions, no hint of hypocrisy at all. He words and thoughts when combined can actually create a true masterpiece. 39 Poems is the kind of poetry collection you will surely love to give to your closest friend and loved ones. It is the kind of book that will surely stays under your pillow every night – hoping to get inside it even if it has to be only in your dreams.

To get more details about the author and to get a copy of this book, please contact the author at

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Footprints in the Bajra (book review)

Footprints in the Bajra
By Nabina Das
Cedars Books An Imprint of Pustak Mahal
ISBN 978-81-223-1099-3

Out of the Ordinary

Footprints in the Bajra by Nabina Das is a novel that revolved in the dark corners that still haunt India even after all these modern and up to date inventions of men. It is a compelling story of struggle and change. What even makes her novel more interesting is the way the author described every places, histories and even beliefs of the Indian people. Her details are all so vivid you can actually see, feel and even taste her words.

Footprints in the Bajra will take you away to a place where histories and beliefs are well observed. The people in her story are also so colorful that you can actually hear their heartbeat in every page.

Nabina Das has definitely written from her heart and soul. Her love from her country, the beautiful and exotic India, showed from her novel. Reading her novel will make you crave for more as she takes your hand to the curry loving country. A kind of book you will love to have in your bed side table forever.

To get to know the author more or to get a copy of her book, please visit

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where the Dog Star Never Glows

This is one of the great books I've wrote a review. I hope you could all check it out.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where the Dog Star Never Glows (Book Review)

Where the Dog Star Never Glows
by Tara L. Masih
Press 53, LLC
ISBN 978-0-9825760-5-2

The first time I received Ms. Masih’s book, I know I’m up to something I will never forget.

Where the Dog Star Never Glows by Tara L. Masih is a collection of stories that will linger in your mind even after you’re done reading it a hundred times. Her stories are so rich and its characters are all so vivid you can actually hear their voices inside your head. Every story has its own hidden colors that once you’ve finally come to see it, you will surely try to catch your breath.

Some of my favorite stories are Ghost Dance, The Dark Sun, Asylum, Sunday Drives and Huldi (India, 1990). These stories I truly found very interesting and very absorbing. Ms. Masih’s words are like cold and refreshing shower of rain pouring down on barren lands. Every story comes from the heart of every kind of races. Revealing that no matter what color is your skin, the love still shines in the soul and heart.

Where the Dog Star Never Glows is the kind of book you will never forget. It is a kind of collection you will surely read again and again even if you’ve already memorize the story itself by heart.

To get to know the author more, visit her site at

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Danse Macabre Online Literary Journal

Akili Amina - Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz - Helen Catherine Calcutt - J. de SalvoWilliam Doreski - Michael Foran - Branch Isole - Benjamin Krause Lyn Lifshin - Jayanta Mahapatra - David McLean - Luigi Monteferrante Richard Rand - Lanie Shanzyra Rebancos - Minal Sarosh - Ray Succre Darby Tench - Turgut Uyar - Sarah White - Noel Williams

Friday, April 2, 2010

Starving Swallows (Book Review)

Starving Swallows
by Radomir Vojtech Luza
PublishAmerica Baltimore
ISBN: 1-60563-725-4

Hard to Put Down

Starving Swallows by Radomir Vojtech Luza is a collection of poems that revolves around the vivid world of a man’s journey through the tunnel of psychotropic medications. Each poem has its own color and breathing image, sometimes its so plain that you could see only two colors-black and white and sometimes its so vivid you could see colors you do not usually see from a rainbow.

Mr. Luza’s poems are so real you could feel the deepest part of the character’s heart through it. His poems seem to breathe its own imaginative life. Some of my favorite poems are Divorce, Bipolar Disaster, Bible Girl, Alone and 21 Minutes. These poems reminded me of so many things in life, some had even happened to me in some ways.

Starving Swallows is the kind of book you will surely read all night never mind the early morning chores. It is one of the many poetry collections I read that I can say I have a hard time putting down.

To reach the author, you can check out his site at

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letter From A Dying Woman

the time has come
for me to pack my bags
to turn off the hallway lights
to lock the doors
for I’m going away
with a one way ticket
to a place where everybody will go
but no one is supposed to come back
to tell others what it looks like
to tell who lives there.

the time has come
and there’s no turning back
no more pleadings, no more prayers
could turn it back
the angel with ebony wings
has landed his feet for me
no, you can’t hold me back
even if you tug with all your might
I’m no longer yours
I now belong to somebody
a spirit belongs to a spirit.

the time has come
a wind will blow out the candle
soon darkness will embrace me
will swallow me with delight
but there will be no more pain,
no more agony, I hope.
reaching that place
will be different, so different
and so are you
without me

the time has come
the night is here
tomorrow is far behind
the sun will still be here
but I will not be there for it
the birds will still sing
but I will no longer hear it
the rain will still pour
but I will no longer feel it
shed those tears now
save it in your heart
until we meet again.

For Sondra Ball who passed away in the first hours of Wednesday, March 17th 2010. She was a wonderful poet, haijin and very hard working editor of Autumn Leaves. Her spirit will forever live in our hearts.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Complementary Colors (Book Review)

Complementary Colors
By Kate Evans
Vanilla Heart Publishing
ISBN 978-1-935407-86-7
LCCN: 2009924117

Honest and Profound

Complementary Colors by Kate Evans is a story filled with love and honesty. The love between the two women is one of the amazing things in the world though many are still against it. The beauty the seeps through it are so fresh and tasteful that you could actually feel the characters’ breath against your skin.

It all started with that special smile from Jamie and since that first poetry night, Gwen had never been the same. Something inside her starts to stretch its arms and touches the deepest part of her womanhood. What even makes the book special is that Kate Evan herself is a poet. She sprinkled her story with beautiful poems. These poems made the book more profound.

Complementary Colors is a kind of book you will surely give your girlfriend. It is one of the most unforgettable books I’ve ever read. Complementary Colors is so fresh and its images are so vivid that you could actually feel the characters in your soul.

To know more about the author, please check out her website

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sewing a Friendship (Book Review)

Sewing a Friendship
By Natalie Tinti
ISBNs 978-0-9842625-1-9 (Extended Cover)
978-0-9842625-0-2 (Hard Cover with Dust Jacket)
978-1-4495193-6-0 (Soft Cover)

Fresh as a spring morning

Sewing a Friendship by Natalie Tinti is a wonderful story about friendship and how each person’s differences are not a hindrance to build a lasting one. It’s a warm story about five girls finding each other’s company in midst of needs. The elder in the story also played a wonderful role in helping and building the kids’ dreams into a reality. Sewing a Friendship is a story that will fit every girl’s sweet and imaginative minds. The simplicity of the plot is very easy to understand thus have great impact to the readers.

Natalie Tinti wrote her story from her heart and when my nine year old daughter finished reading the book, she said it was beautiful and worth reading. What makes the book stand out more was the way Natalie drew those colorful drawings and knick knacks. It makes her book more appreciative and enjoyable to read by kids at her age.
Sewing a Friendship is written and illustrated by a ten year old girl whose dream is to reach kids with a simple message that friendship can make the world a better place to live again. The story also foretold that helping each other is a very simple task as well giving support to each other. She carefully illustrated her characters that each one came out very unique and different from each other.

Sewing a Friendship is a kind of book you will love to give your kids and even to your grandchildren as it full of lessons and wonderful words. Natalie Tinti has a lot more great stuff in writing in stored for her in the future. Her work is very promising.

Visit the author's website at http://www.tintinatie.com/

Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Sight (Vampire Poem)

I see your face again tonight
staring back at me with those golden eyes
like amber aflame with desire
but why can’t I reach you
when you are so near
there’s something in you that keeps
me away from your arms
I could feel the heat of your breath
against my skin
my skin that tingles with passion each
time you were around

I see your face again tonight
amongst the crowd you stand out
your skin so white and flawless
so smooth that I could almost
feel it against mine
but something in your eyes always stops me
something more than passion
something like hunger

I see your face again tonight
the longing so deep
my body aches for your arms
my soul yearns for your voice
staring back at me
with those amber eyes, so cold
and yet so warm
then slowly you smiled
This poem will appear on Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine on its summer issue.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Chronicles of Bipolar Romance (Book Review)

The Rough Chronicles of Bipolar Romance
By Julie M. Tate
Self-Published Book

So honest it cuts deep into your heart.

As soon as I opened my mail and saw the book, The Rough Chronicles of Bipolar Romance, I know I’m up to something different, something extraordinary.

Ms. Tate’s book is something you will surely not ignore from its cover to its contents. Her poems are like actual stories that you will crave for more. Reaching the end of the line of each poem made me sigh and beg for more. Her words flow naturally as if she is talking right next to you. The way she describes her every poem will etched right into your heart and will leave deep marks on your soul.

Few of my favorite poems are Voyeur, Glass Slipper Pt. II and A Visitor at Closing Time. Somehow I can relate with her tales as one of them happened to me one way or another in my past life. It is like looking on a mirror, reflections of the past just came back to me in a flash as soon as my mind starts to wander on her poems. She tells her poems in a way, most traditional editors will ignore. But that’s the biggest things most traditional editors missed from this kind of work. They missed the sense of everything from the sense of feel up to the sense of taste. Ignoring those important things will make any writer’s work turn into waste.

The Rough Chronicles of Bipolar Romance by Julie M. Tate is the kind of poetry chapbook you will surely read again and again. Her words will linger in your mind, digging deep into your consciousness as every word will surely search the deepest part of your soul. So good you’d ask for a second, then third then fourth serving of it again and again.

To know more about the book and the author, Julie M. Tate, you can visit her website at

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Because of Spring

so fragrant, this morning
all my pains forgotten
because of you, spring

Friday, February 12, 2010

One Spring Haiku

puddle after puddle
on the road, remains of
last year's haiku

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Huge Blue Book Review

Huge Blue
By Patrick Pilarski
Leaf Press
ISBN 978-1-926655-02-4

Vivid Tour Guide

Huge Blue by Patrick Pilarski is a collection of Japanese form poetry which revolved in the beauty and breath taking sights found in Canada. Every written poem is entwined with colors that you could almost see it right through the pages. The smell and feel of his words will make you jump right through his books. Even the cold wind seems visible, touching your skin as you turn the pages for more beautiful and profound pomes.

Huge Blue as I must say is one of the best Japanese form poetry book I get my hands on. Mr. Pilarski’s words will take you high up in the Canadian skies. His book will almost make you feel as if you are already standing on the cold land of Canada. Your eyes will see things in different ways as you read his poems.

Huge Blue is so vivid you’d forget you are just sitting right in your home.

For more details about the book and its author, visit

Friday, February 5, 2010

More Pics from Shea's field trip

Shea Leigh Field Trip

These pics were taken yesterday (Feb. 05, 2010) from my daughter's Field trip. They went to crocodile farm and to one of the historical places in Manila, the Fort Santiago. This was the same place where our national hero, Dr. Jose Rozal was kept as a prisoner by the Spaniards.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My son, Jibrill Shaun's 4th Birthday

This is my son, Jibrill Shaun's 4th birthday. He just turned 4 yestreday (Feb. 03, 2010).

Friday, January 29, 2010

Canadian Zen Haiku Journal Review

Canadian Zen Haiku Journal
By Richard Janke Vallance
Describe Adonis Press
ISSN 1705 4508

A Place You Can Call Home

Canadian Zen Haiku started as an ezine some years ago but with the love and support of its moderator and editor-in-chief, Mr. Richard Janke Vallance and all the members and contributors, this vivid and imaginative haiku ezine turned into a one of the popular haiku print journals around the world. Since it became a printed journal, many haijins all over the world have been able to publish their wonderful haiku and other Japanese literary works. Most haijins came from Canada, USA, Japan, India, Europe and even in the Philippines.

Canadian Zen Haiku journal publishes different faces of Japanese translations such as haiku, tanka, haibun, sernyu, kanji and even haiga and haibun. Unlike any other haiku journal, Canadian Zen Haiku expresses its contributed works with vivid and picturesque images that only makes every work more alive. Every work from haijin all over the world are all captivating on its own beauty and imagination that will surely make every reader sigh and think for just awhile and savor each perfectly made works.

Mr. Vallance always see to it that all the support and encouragements are given to all his members and contributors. He maintained his Yahoo group which every one is welcome to join and share his or her works. Great and helpful feedbacks are shared with every submitted works posted on the group list. You can actually say that Canadian Zen Haiku is truly a place you can call your home.

Canadian Zen Haiku journal is like a magical sensei that will mould you, support you with your works until you finally learned how to spread your wings and fly into the real world of publishing. What’s great about this journal is no matter how great you may be or successful you may become in your writing, you will still remember the magic this journal had given to you. Canadian Zen haiku journal is a wonderful and profound place for all your literary works.

You may reach the moderator/editor-in-chief, Mr. Richard Janke Vallance at

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weepin' Willa (Book Review)

Weepin’ Willa
By Nariscia Lott
Self-Published Book

Extraordinary and Honest

Weepin’ Willa by Nariscia Lott is her first book of short stories which revolved from her past to present life. At first, I asked myself how I should read this book because as you may see, the stories are not in chronological order but as I continue reading each story, I begin to understand why she wrote her book this way. Her stories are so real you can even see the characters’ faces, smell their skin, touch and feel their emotions and even hear their heartbeat as they entwined their selves to the stories. Each character has its own color and vivid image that you will never forget.

Somehow the way Ms. Lott wrote her stories are what readers really missed from reading books. Though I’m not against with the edited versions but the way Weepin’ Willa was presented is like as if Ms. Lott is actually sitting right next to you with a cup of lavender tea on hand while she unfolds all her happiness, sadness, loss and even her deepest secrets to you. You’d feel like as if you are Ms. Lott’s best friend.

Weepin’ Willa is a kind of book that will make you look out in the window and sigh and think about how you live your life. Her stories were filled with love, faith and straight from the heart words. No hypocrisy. Just plain love, love and more love.

No wonder weepin’ willa, the tree, just keeps on shedding those tears for Ms. Lott’s first collection of short stories is so deeply felt and beautiful. One of the many books I will never forget.

To reach the author, you may email her at
weepin.willa@hotmail.com or you may visit her site at http://www.nariscialott.com/

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mice Verses Man (Book Review)

Mice Verses Man
By R Jay Slais
Big Table Publishing Company

One Of A Kind.

Mice Verses Man by R Jay Slais is one of the best poetry chapbook I’ve ever read. As a poet myself, I can see and feel the emotions set on every words Mr. Slais put into his poetry. He pictures every poem with vivid images that you can actually feel and touch the person on it. Every poem written has its own life, breathing its own beauty from one page to another.

Some of my favorite poems are Nice Guys Always Finish, Middle of the Night We Weep, Love Solstice and The Search. Somehow in these selected poems, I can relate. There were incidences in my life that I saw it all happened again when I read these poems. It made me sigh and wonder how I was able to cope up with those things. Then the next thing I know, I’m reading his chapbook all over again.

The words used on his poetry are like songs entwined with magic. Mr. Slais proved his talents and magical charisma on his first chapbook of poetry. It is a magical journey, digging deep into the person’s emotions. Getting Mice Verses Man poetry chapbook is one of the best things you can do in your life-no regrets.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti haiku

his last haiku
he write his prayer
on the blood stained land

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cup of Tea Haiku

steam from his cup of tea
blinds his sadness
even for awhile

funeral almost over
visitors still pretend
to linger around

white China tea cups
all lined up in the kitchen table
mourning for you

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cup of Tea (Death haiku)

for unspoken words
funeral visitors hold onto
each other's cold hand

hot cup of tea
resting on his hand
numb from pain