Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Chronicles of Bipolar Romance (Book Review)

The Rough Chronicles of Bipolar Romance
By Julie M. Tate
Self-Published Book

So honest it cuts deep into your heart.

As soon as I opened my mail and saw the book, The Rough Chronicles of Bipolar Romance, I know I’m up to something different, something extraordinary.

Ms. Tate’s book is something you will surely not ignore from its cover to its contents. Her poems are like actual stories that you will crave for more. Reaching the end of the line of each poem made me sigh and beg for more. Her words flow naturally as if she is talking right next to you. The way she describes her every poem will etched right into your heart and will leave deep marks on your soul.

Few of my favorite poems are Voyeur, Glass Slipper Pt. II and A Visitor at Closing Time. Somehow I can relate with her tales as one of them happened to me one way or another in my past life. It is like looking on a mirror, reflections of the past just came back to me in a flash as soon as my mind starts to wander on her poems. She tells her poems in a way, most traditional editors will ignore. But that’s the biggest things most traditional editors missed from this kind of work. They missed the sense of everything from the sense of feel up to the sense of taste. Ignoring those important things will make any writer’s work turn into waste.

The Rough Chronicles of Bipolar Romance by Julie M. Tate is the kind of poetry chapbook you will surely read again and again. Her words will linger in your mind, digging deep into your consciousness as every word will surely search the deepest part of your soul. So good you’d ask for a second, then third then fourth serving of it again and again.

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