Friday, January 29, 2010

Canadian Zen Haiku Journal Review

Canadian Zen Haiku Journal
By Richard Janke Vallance
Describe Adonis Press
ISSN 1705 4508

A Place You Can Call Home

Canadian Zen Haiku started as an ezine some years ago but with the love and support of its moderator and editor-in-chief, Mr. Richard Janke Vallance and all the members and contributors, this vivid and imaginative haiku ezine turned into a one of the popular haiku print journals around the world. Since it became a printed journal, many haijins all over the world have been able to publish their wonderful haiku and other Japanese literary works. Most haijins came from Canada, USA, Japan, India, Europe and even in the Philippines.

Canadian Zen Haiku journal publishes different faces of Japanese translations such as haiku, tanka, haibun, sernyu, kanji and even haiga and haibun. Unlike any other haiku journal, Canadian Zen Haiku expresses its contributed works with vivid and picturesque images that only makes every work more alive. Every work from haijin all over the world are all captivating on its own beauty and imagination that will surely make every reader sigh and think for just awhile and savor each perfectly made works.

Mr. Vallance always see to it that all the support and encouragements are given to all his members and contributors. He maintained his Yahoo group which every one is welcome to join and share his or her works. Great and helpful feedbacks are shared with every submitted works posted on the group list. You can actually say that Canadian Zen Haiku is truly a place you can call your home.

Canadian Zen Haiku journal is like a magical sensei that will mould you, support you with your works until you finally learned how to spread your wings and fly into the real world of publishing. What’s great about this journal is no matter how great you may be or successful you may become in your writing, you will still remember the magic this journal had given to you. Canadian Zen haiku journal is a wonderful and profound place for all your literary works.

You may reach the moderator/editor-in-chief, Mr. Richard Janke Vallance at

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