Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weepin' Willa (Book Review)

Weepin’ Willa
By Nariscia Lott
Self-Published Book

Extraordinary and Honest

Weepin’ Willa by Nariscia Lott is her first book of short stories which revolved from her past to present life. At first, I asked myself how I should read this book because as you may see, the stories are not in chronological order but as I continue reading each story, I begin to understand why she wrote her book this way. Her stories are so real you can even see the characters’ faces, smell their skin, touch and feel their emotions and even hear their heartbeat as they entwined their selves to the stories. Each character has its own color and vivid image that you will never forget.

Somehow the way Ms. Lott wrote her stories are what readers really missed from reading books. Though I’m not against with the edited versions but the way Weepin’ Willa was presented is like as if Ms. Lott is actually sitting right next to you with a cup of lavender tea on hand while she unfolds all her happiness, sadness, loss and even her deepest secrets to you. You’d feel like as if you are Ms. Lott’s best friend.

Weepin’ Willa is a kind of book that will make you look out in the window and sigh and think about how you live your life. Her stories were filled with love, faith and straight from the heart words. No hypocrisy. Just plain love, love and more love.

No wonder weepin’ willa, the tree, just keeps on shedding those tears for Ms. Lott’s first collection of short stories is so deeply felt and beautiful. One of the many books I will never forget.

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Anonymous said...

I was so worried that my writing style wouldn't be well-received because it goes against almost everything I was ever taught in literature class! But I'm so glad I stayed true to who I really a person, as a writer. I feel such a HUGE sense of accomplishment! And the fact that people seem to really like it is the icing on the cake!

Thank you, Lanie! I'm currently writing my 2nd book - a novel. So, stay tuned...


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