Saturday, August 15, 2009

Still There

we meet again
after long years of
forgotten laughter
I saw your face again
and in the crowd you saw me looking at you
you smile at me
I smiled back as the night
continues to enjoy
every moment of long,
lost and forgotten love
then I caught you
staring back at me
though her arms are around you
tracing the soft garments of your
shirt with her playful fingers
I looked back at you
though I'm with him
dancing, locked in
sweet embrace of new love
when was the last time
we danced, embraced?
do you still remember it?
I dont. do you?
then as the night finally
reached its curtain call
I walk towards you
your eyes waiting for me
could almost feel your
warm arms around me
I bid farewell
you asked, when can I see you again?
I looked at her
then back at you
I smiled and softly kissed
your flushed cheek
in my dreams I'll see
you tonight

1 comment:

Rhett said...

Sweet poem brimming with the simple emotion of love!