Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Is the Red Door (Book Review)

This Is the Red Door
By James R. Whitley
Ironweed Press
ISBN 978-1-931336-03-1

Mr. James R. Whitley, This Is the Red Door is a collection of love poems that poignantly described the hope of falling in love and expressed the vivid colors of losing it all over again. Every poem will take you the blissful mountains and hills of love. This Is the Red Door is like a love guru that will teaches its readers on how to accept the sweet first taste of love till to its bittersweet and surprisingly tangy aftertaste.

I find his words unforgettable and some of my favored poems are Habanero, Pumpkin Cheesecake for One, “Monkey Know What Tree to Climb” and Jumping Bean. The juxtaposition he pains on his every poem was cleverly done that you would find yourself turning the pages of his book in one sitting.

On his poem Habanero, he vividly described his deepest feelings, his pain just like consuming hot peppers in a very unimaginative amount and though blisters were already burning his tongue and mouth, the pain he is trying to endure is incomparable to it. On Pumpkin Cheesecake for One, he used the juxtaposition on his poem in making a pumpkin cheesecake. He carefully described love through the usage of the main ingredients of this sweet dessert that even if you will only use half of each ingredient, you will still get to have a whole result. While both his poem “Monkey Know What Tree to Climb” and Jumping Bean were an eye opener, a gate like passage wherein consciousness is more awake and aware.

This is The Red Door is a love story about ordinary love that can only be made special and unique from those who are willing to let it reside in their hearts and unafraid of whatever will be the outcome. Mr. James R. Whitley’s poetry collection will make you feel the “hot pink” part of love.

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