Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greetings From Below (Book Review)

Greetings From Below
By David Philip Mullins

Sarabande Books
ISBN 978-1-932511-88-8


Greetings From Below by David Philip Mullins is a kind of story that will let you sit back and think about your life, your childhood moments and even up to the silliest things you used to do from your early days.

It is a story of a teenage boy who actually reached out to his soul using different ways which for others could be quite weird and as I must say, interesting.
Mr. Mullin’s voice is like an autumn wind – crisp and embracing at the same time. His choices of words and events are all so real that you could almost see the characters moving, breathing, living in front of your eyes.

Every event on the main character’s life is like a roller coaster ride. You can actually feel his loneliness and longing, his excitement and happiness and even his anger and passion.
Mr. Mullin writes with conviction and clarity which his readers will truly enjoy.

If I will be given a chance to send out gifts today and wait no more for holidays just to send out perfect presents to my friends, then I will surely give each of them a copy of Greetings From Below by Mr. Mullin!

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