Thursday, October 2, 2008

Still The Same

for these past weeks
my mind's having its own business
it was like playing the wrong song
at the wrong place
just like the other day
I left my other pair of loafers inside the fridge
I was yelling at every one, accusing
them for taking away my shoe
then last night I was asking for my
breakfast instead of my supper.
and last week I knew I was dreaming
I was swimming in the sea
with all the humpback whales and when I opened
my eyes I know something was not right
I was soaking wet, alright, but not from the sea water
I peed on my own bed.
this morning when you came into my room
I started screaming, asking for help
for I can't remember who you are
and worst of all I don't even recall where I am.
But please don't leave me,
bear with me
I need you more than ever
for I don't know what's happening to me
even I don't want these exhausting changes.
It's frustrating, depressing
although I'm not the same anymore
inside this lonely soul
it is still me.


kouji said...

fascinating. and sad. thankfully, most philippine families still tend to be tightly knit.

Will said...

Wonderful. Made me cry for my wife and the times when I've lost patience with her. Thank you.

Joy Leftow said...

This is rough baby. Thank you for sharing. We appreciate you.

Kush said...

Nice poem that brimming with deep feeling.