Saturday, October 18, 2008

Unexpected Pain

my mom and I went to see an oncologist this afternoon. He run some test on me and suggested that I should undergo biopsy because since last March, the lymphnode on my neck just grew bigger. I was really ready for the pain but the pain from it was not what I expected. The doctor made two deep aspirations on the node on my neck. The pain was like as if the nerve on my neck was pulled by rough hands, involuntarily and after the procedure, my left arm was numb and the throbbing pain spreads down on my collarbone. I was kind of numb with all the side effects from my past medical test but this, I guess was like a rotten meat unexpectedly cooked, served and eaten in full meal.

blinding light
needle on my neck
shooting pain

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kouji | haiku said...

that does sound painful. :O i hope things improve.