Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another Chapter

I know it's over
I know it's gone
every time mom throws the calendar
every time a new one hangs on the wall
every time the whole family gathers around
I know it's over

what the next year will bring
that I don't know
that I'm not sure
will it be different from the other year
or is it just a matter of number change?

but I know I'm sure
the passed year brought me tears
brought me laughter
brought me friends I've been searching for a long time
brought me flowers with scent that still lingered
brought me good news in golden wings
brought me bad, sad news in hearse

those things were in suitcase now
the cab's here waiting to take it all away
the ticket's on its pocket
one-way ticket
no turning back, last trip last chapter
in my life's journey
I sniffled
tears with reason I don't know
but it all made me
brave enough
smart enough
strong enough


Will said...

Beautiful. Happy New Year to you, Lanie.

Claire Madarang said...

They look so cute. =)