Thursday, September 25, 2008


the other side of the bed
was empty, creased-free
when I woke up again this morning
forgetting you had to leave
that I have to do things by
myself, alone.
it was already ten A.M.
the sun was high but I
can’t feel the heat
only the coldness of the nights
I tried to bear, endless nights without you.
I dragged myself from the bed
fix a cup of hot coffee
I looked for your favorite mug
but the usual spot was empty
remembering you took it with you.
I took a cold shower
hoping the pain will ease a bit
even for awhile
but the splatter of the water on my face
only mingled with my tears.
dripping wet, I opened my wardrobe
and saw only pastel, soft garments
neatly folded
no faded denims, no dark colored shirts.
quietly I dressed up
went downstairs and I say
goodbye out loud
forgetting again
another slap on my face
that there’s no one will answer back
I crossed down the street
without looking back
why should I
if I knew that it was just
an empty house

1 comment:

Will said...

This one really got to me. I've been left in the past, and I've also been the one to leave. When I've done the leaving, I've tried to avoid dwelling on my ex's feelings. Your poem brought it home to me, and it hurts. But it needed to be faced one day, and I'm glad to have the healing it brings to acknowledge my own culpability rather than hiding from it. Bless you.