Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Wish

when my time is up
I simply don't want tears
to fall, black clothes are out too
wear something beautiful, something with
lace, gems, satin, something bright as the sun
sniffles are not allowed,
no hanky, no Kleenex
hunched shoulders are also not on the list.
I don't want any sad songs,
no long faces under the umbrella
nor under those fashionable face net
forced smiles are not the ticket to enter
my final day.
I want you to remember
memories we've shared together
laughter, endless joy
and, oh, let there be a shower
a light spring rain will be great
no umbrella please, no raincoats
I want dancing, giggles
as heaven welcomes me.
I want you all to play in the rain
like you used to do when you were in
kindergarten, mud fights will be a thumbs-up
as you read my poems
let each poem ring and linger in the fragrant air
let it reach every part of the earth
where I used to have a wonderful life.
and then when it's time to go home
when the rain finally subsides
walk hand in hand, no looking back
for I'm not there, not under those withered flowers
where maggots will soon reside.
I'm every where you are
in the wet air, in the blades of the grass,
in the ripples of the water, even in the melody of the bird's song
I'm with you, in your heart.



Joy Leftow said...

I'm truly touched my friend

Will said...

That's the way I want it to be too. Beautiful.